Gallatin Valley Snowmobile Association

 Grooming Schedule

Grooming is done for the 2018-19 season. 

The grooming schedule is:
Buck Ridge - Mon/Wed/Fri
Taylor Fork - Mon/Fri
Moose/Portal - Wed

Tues, Wed and Thurs; On a rotational basis, as needed:
Little Bear to Squaw
Squaw(Storm Castle) to Swan
Moose to Swan
Fairy Lake/Carrol Creek/Olsen Creek

Last Groomed
Condition at Last Grooming
 Little Bear to Squaw
2/5 20" new snow.  Trail in good condition to cabin.  Fair condition from cabin to the top.
1/30 First grooming.  Trail in fair condition.
3/14 Moose to Portal, last grooming.  Trail in good condition.
 Fairy Lake/Olsen Creek
3/19 Trail in fair shape.  Warm, so trail is soft.
Buck Ridge 3/29 4" new snow. Trail is in good shape higher up.  Losing snow down low. 

 Sage/Taylor Fork

3/25 No new snow. Trail in good condition.  Dirt spots developing down low.
Thanks to Big Sky Resort Tax
The grooming of Doe Creek Road and the Buck Ridge Trail is partially funded by monies provided by Big Sky Resort Tax.
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